The M.A.S.S. Protein and HDP Recipes page

XXL Nutrition LogoBecause of the absence of a retail seller for HDP in Europe (and the eye-gauging price of HDP in the US) we recently contacted the Dutch supplement company XXL Nutrition and pitched them the idea, and they have begun stocking HDP at a very affordable price. Because the story between me and HDP has developed into a love story, and because I’m a huge fan of delicious recipes including protein, me and my M.A.S.S. colleagues have decided there was a dire need for a recipe page, because protein powder and HDP are a match made in heaven for the dieting sweet tooth. XXL nutrition, in return for the tip, has graciously agreed to sponsor our recipe page by providing us with many of the raw materials for our cooking experiments. Their extended line of whey and casein flavors lends itself perfectly to a whole host of delicious recipes, and we’re very eager to share them with you ;) Be sure to check out our extended FAQ for this page for further explanation about the use and purpose of this page.


Protein Smoothies


If ever there was an easy, great and tasty way to make sure you get your daily alotment of both protein and fruit, it is without a doubt the protein smoothie. Milk, yoghurt, protein powder, fruit and a blender and done !

Protein Flurries


This is a recipe especially for those people who have a hard time deciding in the evening whether to go for a late night sugary snack or their last protein-dense meal. I mean, why choose when you have to ? Life’s too short.

Protein Pizza


When you have protein pizza, there really isn’t much out there left that you can’t eat, and you really have no excuse not to eat clean and high protein food.

Cappuccino Chocolates


I recently had the idea to make proteinated chocolates because it was one of the few things that popped in my head that would literally work with ANY flavour of protein. What’s more is these things look fairly good and can be presented at any occasion.



Ok, this isn’t so much a protein recipe as some classic cheesecake flavored with Vanilla casein and stevia. Everybody should be able to make cheesecake. It creates some dishes, but in all, it’s very simple to make, and should take you all of 15 minutes not counting the time in the oven.

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