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Smoothies are not a novel concept, and neither are protein smoothies. The thing is, “Smoothy” is rather a broad concept encompassing pretty much any mixture of liquids and fruits, but what I want to share here is a typical bodybuilding-type recipe for smoothies. When you look for recipes you look for a means to get in your protein that is easy, quick and tasty. Those are overall my favorite kind of recipes as well, just like the protein pudding, protein cheesecake and last weeks protein flurries. As this section demonstrates, there are a lot of other amazing and tasty recipes you can make with protein powders that give you delicious ways to up the protein intake, but the difference is that when the amount of time it takes to make them increases, the odds of making them frequently decreases. And it doesn’t get any simpler that this. Basically you need a blender and some ingredients and you are done. But what attracts me most to smoothies is the fact that I’m also not a huge fan of eating fruits. Fruits to me are still something I don’t frequently eat “as is” because they are low in calories and protein and just don’t do it for me. As a result, I really only eat fruit as a part of meals, and you don’t really include them in meals that often. Smoothies are a 2-minute recipe that allows me to meet my daily allotment of both protein and fruit.

Now you can make smoothies with various liquids, and many people include juices and what not. For me a smoothie has to be thick, but liquidy, and obviously the higher the base protein content the better. For that purpose I always use a 50/50 mix of milk and yoghurt. If you aren’t on a diet, feel free to use flavored yoghurts or add some grenadine. From there you’ll want to add some protein. Use whey for this, casein will make the whole too thick and creamy and then its back to tasting like a milkshake. A typical flavor is a light vanilla, as this works with any type of fruit, but obviously banana, strawberry and apple work, either when making a mixed smoothie that DOESN’T include these fruits, or a simple smoothie that only contains this and maybe one other fruit. For this recipe I used the red berry flavor of XXL’s Whey Delicious range (featured in the image). All you need now is some fruit. I used raspberries here, because i’m crazy about them, but honestly for most people I think a mix of red fruits will work better. A typical recommendation for smoothies is to use FROZEN fruit. One reason is that frozen produce is typically fresher and contains more vitamins, because they are packed immediately, where fresh produce tends to travel and sit a while before it ends up in your home. The other reason is that using frozen fruit out of the bag means you don’t need to add ice to your smoothie. As a last measure you can add some flavouring like honey, cinnamon or vanilla. In this case I opted against it because raspberry makes for a rather sour whole that doesn’t mix well unless you add something very sweet (grenadine is, again, a great option here).

Ingredients :

250 ml of full fat yoghurt (you can use a flavored variation to add some sweetness, like a strawberry yoghurt)
250 ml of milk
1 to 1,5 cups of fruit
5 ml of grenadine
2 scoops (40g) of Whey Delicious (I used this one)
Ice (only if using fresh fruit)

Instructions :

Put the liquids in a blender and add your fruit. Mix until its apll smoothly absorbed into your liquid. Now add your Whey protein and grenadine and mix again. If you used fresh, rather than frozen, fruit, add ice as needed. Use all your ingredients straight from the fridge/freezer. You can use skim, semi-skimmed or full fat milk depending on your alotted caloried and whether or not you are cutting or bulking, but use full fat yoghurt if it is not flavored, this is a taste issue. If dieting, you can use a little more skim milk (300-350 ml) and less of the yoghurt if need be, you can then add a little more fruit to increase the thickness.

It’s great summer recipe, as the first rays of sunshine have arrived here in Western Europe. It presents well and it works equally well when kicking back on your terrace or patio, as it does on the go, en route to the gym. Enjoy, and let me guys know what you think. Likewise, if you want to share your own kick-ass recipes for protein smoothies, feel free to leave a comment below ;)


One thought on “Protein Smoothies

  • Brune says:

    8oz of cranberry juice /or cran light or just 16 oz cran
    mix with
    8oz of OJ /or just 16oz OJ
    2 scoops fruit protein (banana,strawberry) etc.
    1 cup oats
    1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil *****
    1 cup fruit yogurt (strawberry,banana,raspberry) etc
    1 banana and or diced pineapple
    several strawberrys and or pineapple
    lots of ice

    16oz milk
    2 scoops protein powder (chocolate, vanilla, choc PB,) etc
    1 cup oats
    1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil *****
    1 cup yogurt (choc,vanilla) etc

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