Protein Flurries


Admittedly, this is not the most photogenic recipe. I has some trouble making this dish look modestly appealing for the picture. But it makes up for it in how easy and tasty it is. In my quest for simpler recipes, this has become one of my favourite quick fixes. It’s a recipe especially for those people who have a hard time deciding in the evening whether to go for a late night sugary snack or their last protein-dense meal. I got the idea from those McDonald Icecream thingies with the cookies in them. I’m not that huge of an icecream fan, in fact I never have any in my freezer, but I do have a soft spot for anything that has chunks of oreo or M&M’s in it :p So I basically just replicated the recipe with quark and protein powder. Now you can also make protein ice cream, no problem, but its a rather lengthy process, when all you want is a quick snack. And this, instead, you can whip up in 3 minutes and scarf down and kill two birds with one stone.

You basically take your quark and mix in a corresponding protein flavour that goes well with your intended filling. In this case I opted to use the “Cookies & Cream” flavor to go with chunks of Oreo’s and I got the “Dutch Speculaas” flavor to go with the corresponding biscuit. For those who don’t know, Speculaas is a very sweet traditional Dutch cinnamon cookie, typically served with cookie or in various shapes and forms for children on certain holidays. If you’ve never had one, trust me, you’ll be blown away. They make that particular taste into anything, even a breakfast spread.

Ingredients (for 2 servings)

500g quark
60g of Whey in a corresponding flavour
40-45g of ground filling (don’t ground it into powder, the beauty of the recipe is the chunks ;) )


Just mix the protein powder into the quark, this in itself is already a tasty quick treat and works with basically any flavour, but as is, it tends to be rather dry. Instead mix through partially ground pieces of your favourite snacks and turn your cravings into a useful way of getting your late night protein in ;)


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