Below are some links we feel our readers will fully appreciate. We know we do. But keep in mind that it is not because we appreciate these sites and enjoy following them ourselves, that we necessarily agree with every stance, position or statement made by their authors or ownership.


Dutch Bodybuilding Forums

The prime Dutch Speaking bodybuilding and fitness forums. If you want to be part of the largest Dutch-speaking community, and keep up with the latest, this is where you go.


The Iron Den Forums

One of the better online bodybuilding and fitness communities on the interwebs, you’ll not only enjoy their hospitality and expertise, they also have a chatbox at the top where you can shoot the breeze with likeminded people.


The Cutting Edge Muscle Forums

Once the prime place to go on the web for science based sports, health and bodybuilding information, this board was home to a great many of the industry’s finest minds, including my mentor and friend, Karl Hoffman (may he rest in peace). We desperately want to keep his memory alive and reinvigorate this board, restore it to its former glory. So all you fine M.A.S.S. minds, come and see the pinnacle of knowledge in this game, read through countless backposts of massive knowledge and great discussions and if you can, continue the tradition ;)


The Suppversity Blog

Suppversity is run by German Physicist Adel Moussa, who goes by the rather catchy online moniker Prof. Dr. Andro. His blog has me absolutely in awe if for nothing else than the sheer volume of work he puts out (on a daily basis), that largely has me questioning if this man actually has a job :p He tends to cover studies he finds and deems interesting on a case by case basis, and they won’t always equally appeal to everyone, but I seem to find something new to read every time I backtrack through older posts. I can honestly say I would have never heard of HDP if not for Suppversity, and probably would have dismissed intermittent fasting as another diet fad as well, and as you guys know, I’ve developed a bit of a love affair with both these topics ;) Prof.Dr.Andro also appears on a weekly podcast-type radio show. I’ve never listened to it, only because I can’t stay focused on audio-podcasts, but if it’s of the same quality, it’s bound to be of interest to some of you. Trust me, this is one site you will want to bookmark if you are a fan of what M.A.S.S. does.


The Protein Pow(d)er blog

What Anna Sward does for protein cooking is revolutionary. She is a pioneer in the field. Where typically a protein powder recipe was a simple, barely edible page filler for a few websites and magazines, she frequently creates exotic masterpieces that are finger-lickingly good. Her focus is highly on using predominantly protein,  she often uses less complete protein sources like rice and pea protein and her recipes are cooking marvels, where we tend to focus mostly on basic and classic recipes with a high content of complete, quality protein, those of you looking to take your protein cooking to new levels, or are tired of the classic stuff, you will get lost on this site. The author has a true passion for what she does, and if you can’t find new protein cooking inspiration there, you won’t find it anywhere. If you want to add your HDP here as well, she often uses thing like coconut flour where it would work well as a substitute, but keep in mind HDP swells enormously, like supercharged self-rising flour, so be careful where you use it, and in what dose :p


The XXL Nutrition Website

This Dutch supplement company will probably be most familiar to you by now as the gracious sponsor of our Recipes page, where we obviously use their  proteins for most of our experiments. Of course anywhere we use any type of casein or whey, you are free to substitute them for those made by another company, should you prefer. However we do widely endorse XXL because we appreciate the quality of their product. Many of us purchased products there before, and it is because of their excellent customer service and quality products that we proposed to them that they should start stocking HDP, and how their sponsorship in return came to be a fact. Aside from their own line of products, including probably the highest quality casein I’ve ever seen, they also sell any number of top products and brands, and if you happen to reside in Germany, Belgium or the Netherlands, shipping is entirely free, which is of course a major plus if you need several kg/lbs. of protein and HDP. But perhaps the most convincing argument is that they are currently the only supplier of HDP in Europe, and if you have to order some HDP there anyway, you may as well get the same quality protein we get at great prices and fantastic customer service to boot.

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