The Biochemistry of Creatine

Ronnie Coleman

Breaking the silence! The first article on MASS written by yours truly, the webmaster (GetXXL): the Biochemistry of Creatine. This article discusses the biochemistry of creatine into great detail, enabling the reader to accurately reason about creatine and its usage among athletes.

The High Protein Diet


What surprises me in all this is the extreme focus on increasing or decreasing various forms of fat and carbohydrate, while relatively little focus is placed on the protein content per se, while research repeatedly demonstrates the importance of protein in reducing body-fat and preventing weight regain after a diet

The role of muscle damage in hypertrophy


It always seemed hard to believe that the amount of muscle damage sustained determined the propensity for muscle gain. If that were true, any type of muscle injury or trauma of a certain severity, including tears and sprains, would induce greater gains in muscle mass than exercise.

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