Cappuccino Chocolates


I recently had the idea to make proteinated chocolates because it was one of the few things that popped in my head that would literally work with ANY flavour of protein. What’s more is these things look fairly good and can be presented at any occasion. Of course once I get an idea I can’t wait to get working with it, and I found a few nice silicone molds in the sales last weekend, and since this is my cappuccino and Apple Pie months, I figured cappuccino chocolates it would be. I grant you, it’s not THAT original since I only recently made cappuccino truffles, but I’m sure you’ll forgive me once you taste these things.

I scoured for examples of how to make chocolates, and turns out its not that difficult. You basically melt chocolate (preferably very dark chocolate) “au bain marie” and then pour it into a silicone mold, making sure the chocolate gets everywhere. Then flip it upside down to get the chocolate back out, hopefully leaving a layer of the stuff that’s thick enough in the mold. Now scrape all the remainder off the top and place in the freezer for a bit until it hardens up again. Then take them out, fill them up with a filling of your choice leaving a small border to fill up with chocolate so your chocolate comes all the way around, and fill that up with more chocolate before placing it in the freezer again for another 10-15 minutes.

In this first instance I made a liquidy filling by just mixing 150 ml of half-fat cream with 40g of cappuccino whey and whisking it up nicely. A more solid filling can easily be obtained by using the truffle recipe and stuffing it in the chocolates instead of letting it harden up and rolling it in chocolate flakes or cocoa. I’m probably going to experiment in the future with fillings of different textures, whenever I can handle the messiness of melting and pouring chocolate again, because it is quite a mess. And you end up eatintg more chocolate than you think just licking it off everything. I think a dryer, cakier, less calorie dense filling is certainly an option, and combined with a very dark type chocolate would make a decent diet snack as well.

Bonus tip : Try the Sample pack of whey delicious, with one pack of 25g of every flavor, as it makes a nice buy for people looking to make a variety of chocolates with different fillings, shapes and tastes.


Rating : 4/5. Extremely tasty, but I think I will like them better with a dryer filling. More of a novelty thing, and not really ideal as diet or bulking aid since portions are too small for bulking, and the minimal requirement for chocolate makes it less than ideal down the stretch for a diet. It takes too long to make compared to brownies, cheesecake and even truffles, all recipes I find better to increase protein intake on both a diet and when bulking.

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