Blog: Happy New Year and Welcome to M.A.S.S. !


By Peter Van Mol

Well it’s the New Year and I hope it finds you well. For us, today is the culmination of 4 months of work to get this thing up and running to a point where we feel comfortable in sharing it with you. What started as a bit of a pitiful blog last August has turned into M.A.S.S. today. That, in the first place, is the merit of our webmaster GetXXL, without whom the pitiful blog would have lost my interest and died last September. Instead, we are ready to embark on a project we both firmly and squarely support and hope to expand on enormously in the coming year.

The New Year brings with it resolutions for many. I can only hope most of those are a continuation of your effort last year, but if not, I hope we can assist you in turning things around this year. M.A.S.S. is a labor of love, and it is and always will remain free of charge, and will hopefully culminate in a scientific encyclopedia of everything related to physique and performance. And we hope you will assist us on our journey, by letting us know your thoughts and suggestions to expand and improve our website.

The Website

The website consists of three main things. The first is becoming a vault of information with in-depth and scientifically supported review-type articles on various topics like training, nutrition, ergogenics and other things generally related to sport, fitness, bodybuilding, physiology etc. Each time a new article is posted it will appear atop the home page, as well as in its respective categorie for easy browsing. The articles will show up each time with a lead image, title and short description. And of course, GetXXL got our search function fully working, not that we expect you’ll need it these first few weeks :) . Now, as much as we would like to become the next magazine type site, this sort of content doesn’t just lend itself to that purpose, since these articles take time to research and compose. So it’s unlikely you’ll find a new article here every day, or even every week. The second part of the site is our recipes section. My research into HDP has developed into a love affair for making healthy recipes. We will be working with XXL Nutrition on a number of projects, and they have graciously agreed to sponsor our Recipes page by providing the necessary protein powders. You’ll probably also be interested to know they will soon begin stocking and selling HDP, as the very first company in Europe. Obviously we are quite fond of XXL Nutrition products (we told them about HDP because we ordered there frequently before and we love their stuff), but aside from the HDP you are of course free to use any brand of protein powder to make these recipes and they should turn out fine ;) Then on the other hand, since you’ll probably need to get your HDP from them, you may as well give their excellent proteins a try. This particular section is my baby. I’m currently in the middle of a diet and there is something therapeutic about cooking and experimenting all day when you can’t eat, and then know you can have delicious stuff like chocolate protein truffles, cheesecake and apple pie later in the day, and you won’t have to feel guilty or ruin your diet. So far the Apple pie still needs some help perfecting the crust, but overall there are already 6 delicious recipes waiting for your approval, and more coming ;) The recipes won’t be showing up on the home page, so be sure to check back on that page frequently if you are as big a fan of protein cooking as I am. And the third and final part of the website is, of course, this blog. We want to keep the main content all business and fact, but that doesn’t mean yours truly and others we work with don’t have opinions, thoughts and random musings that aren’t all hard science, or that there aren’t small tidbits that don’t lend themselves to full review articles we want to share. On top of that, and because we won’t be adding new reviews frequently, we wanted to have something people could check back for, and we hope to update the blog once or twice a week at least.  So take your time, have a peek, and above all leave your comments or send them to

The facebook group

Unless you found the site via the facebook group, in which case you would probably do wise to skip this paragraph, we also want to tell you about the facebook group that goes along with this website. You can surf to it directly via the facebook button at the bottom of our page (not to be confused with the social media buttons at the top that let you share the current article on your respective social media). If you are on facebook it may be worth your while to join the group since you will be kept in the loop on new articles and blogs, as well as interesting little bits, quotes and possibly some other stuff that will be exclusive to the facebook group. Because our endeavor is highly dependent on reader input we aim to create a sense of community, to make you feel at home in this project.

By all means, and above all, share !

Especially in the early going, we need all the help we can get to get the word out there about M.A.S.S. We know this stuff doesn’t appeal to everyone, and we are not a commercial site, so we have no interest in keeping you engaged here when you have better stuff to do, but since you made it here, if you think you know someone who may be interested in what we do, whether it’s a friend whose obsessed with sports, a brother who is avidly trying to grow some muscle mass in the coming year or an intelligent acquaintance who appreciates the sciences and wouldn’t mind learning the most effective way to lose a few pounds and look better, give them a heads up about our facebook group or website, we would greatly appreciate it.

Who is our audience ?

Really anyone who cares about sports, bodybuilding, fitness, fat loss, exercise or just generally looking better. But obviously we aim to fill a specific gap in this sector, namely the fact- and science-based approach. I first got into science because of my inability to find straight answers in popular magazines, on websites and in gyms. We take the straight-up no-bullshit approach to share the facts, backed by the proof, and we are aware that this takes some thought and effort. And we try our best to make it accessible to all, but we are aware some of this matter can be quite heavy. So really, in the aforementioned target group, we are looking for the intelligent crowd, willing to not just learn, but also offer opinions and contribute. It’s a project, and we want people who want to join us on this project.  But hey, we also have a recipes page I’m incredibly fond of, so if you are just someone looking to eat healthier or find some good recipes, or who just enjoys reading our musings on the blog, you are more than welcome too of course ;) And everybody is welcome of course.

What’s in store of us, for you and for M.A.S.S. ?

Well I personally am looking forward to 2013 a great deal. Not just because of the website, although that will really be my main concern. But I’ve also finally decided to adopt the lifestyle myself since last July, and am eyeing my first contest next October. After a 4-year absence from the personal training thing I’ve taken a young fitness enthousiast under my wing who has aspirations of becoming a fitness professional, and he has in turn instilled in me the belief that there is room for natural athletes out there in fitness, muscle modeling and natural bodybuilding, and for 2013 and 2014 I want to taste the stage. Even if I end up making a fool of myself, I have a lot to prove, to myself and everyone else, about the unlimited possibilities of the human body, the misconceptions about what it takes to get a great body and maybe just a little bit to get myself to stop making excuses and just be the best I can be ;) Undoubtedly I’ll keep you apprised of developments on the blog, and I can sure use some encouragement ! Other than that I hope for continued health, for myself, my loved ones and all of you out there reading, and whatever modest or greater successes may come our way in our everlasting attempt to be better than we are.

For M.A.S.S. I mostly hope to keep the flow of information going. I was very fortunate to meet GetXXL, who hasn’t just turned this into a beautiful site, but is also lights the fire under my ass to keep it all going, something that has been direly lacking in recent years. I have a few ideas for the next few pieces, but I can always use your input on things we should be addressing. Besides that I hope we get our share or followers who help keep us on our toes, inspire us to new heights and keep our mission alive.

And for you guys I hope we can help you reach your goals faster and easier in 2013. We aim to keep our community smarter and more efficient than any other out there, and we do it for free. We won’t sell you training systems, novelty equipment or fad supplements, we only deal in facts and science. So get your fill of information, and after that, make suggestions for what needs to be added and ask us anything you like ;) Naturally more interesting questions get priority, but there should be no threshold for the questions you ask us, the very worst that can happen is we get swamped and you don’t get a reply. But don’t ever assume we don’t appreciate your input, questions and suggestions. Above all we hope 2013 can be a fortunate year for you though, no matter how you spend it, or what comes your way !

Coming up

I’m currently working on an article concerning the role of resistance exercise and a high-protein diet in maintaining a healthy, lean physique, and how these two, the only effective modulators of body composition, should be a priority for anyone, and not just those people interested in a better or better performing body. It’ll be an eye-opener, and yes, I know I’m preaching to the choir, but its up to you guys to get the message out there, I’m just here to give you the ammo to do it with. And GetXXL recently reminded me I needed to get started on a piece I promised to write on what I believe to be the greatest wonder supplement : Zinc. It’s either highly underestimated, or people go as far as demonizing zinc. A very in-depth review will hopefully show you how many processes optimal zinc levels regulate in your body, and what key roles it plays in attaining the best physique you possibly can. I haven’t established a deadline for either piece yet, with the holidays and all, but in any case you can look forward to at least one weekly blog, hopefully more, and several recipes a month. It’s’strange how obesses I’ve gotten with protein and HDP cooking, but let’s be honest, if you can eat brownies and cheesecake all day while getting in contest or photoshoot shape, you’ve got a pretty good life, no ? And hopefully I get to show you some of that shape by February.

I should have enough time to get things done in January. All my favorite TV-shows ended already, without much in the way of replacing them, and the Steelers played such a dismal season this year, I won’t be TOO occupied with the NFL play-offs this year (Seriously, I was never this embarrassed to be a Steelers-fan, and I survived the Kordell Stewart years). But if anyone is interested in my opinion, the fact that the road to the super bowl goes through Denver is a major advantage for the Broncos, so that’s where my money is ;) In the NFC, I don’t put it past the Seahawks to make a decent run, but the Niners will probably get it together with a week off.  I will of course be heavily enveloped in my own training and diet, as I’m still cutting through January (which does not favorably affect my mood on some days J )  and then hope to add another 10 lbs or so before I start dieting for October.

In any case, welcome to M.A.S.S. ! Now go forth and spread the news ….

And happy New year to all of you of course …



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