Apple Pie (first attempt)


Yes, I labeled this first attempt because the filling was AMAZING, but the crust left a lot to be desired, so until I figure out how to make a nice protein rich crust that is edible (this was tasty, but too chewy to eat as pie, seriously). So I’m sharing the recipe how it is. Make the filling this way. I dazzled with it, and I made too much, which I just poured in bowls with the remainder of the apples, and served it that way and it was all gone. Same when I served the pie, but nearly everyone left the crust, because they couldn’t cut it :p If you do make it as a pie, either make a classic or use a premade one, or experiment a bit to find a happy medium. If you find a good solution, PLEASE, share it with me ;) The only alternative I can offer is to make just a bottom, like with key-lime pie or cheesecake (I’m posting a cheesecake recipe soon) and add gelatine to the mix, so it just stays in place, and gets a bit jell-o-ey. Apple Pie is a dessert you can always share with anyone, and you can make it look infinitely better than the amount of work it took you to make it. It works well with everything.

Ingredients Crust

160g Vanilla Casein
3 Eggs and 3 egg whites

Ingredients Filling

6 Apples
500g quark
150g Whey Delicious (Apple Pie Flavor)
20g gelatin

Instructions Crust (Please don’t use as is unless you like it REALLY tough and chewy)

Basically I stirred the eggs and added casein until doughy, spread out the dough with dough-roller and placed inside a baking dish. My first attempt with HDP ended up towering over the dish, the second attempt with only casein still rose like crazy, so I took it out, then placed it back after it hardened to cook the inside well. Pics below of the dough before and after.

Instructions Filling

Peel and slice up your apples and steam them. Some people have stuff made specifically for steaming, I just used a spaghetti strainer suspended in a large pot with water, placed the apples in the strainer and placed a lid on to let them steam. Stir frequently. until they get limp. Sprinkle liberally with cinnamon. Take half the apples and spread them over your crust (whatever you end up using). Put cream cheese in a bowl, mix the apple pie whey through it and stir up vigorously. Place gelatin in cold water until soft, rinse, and place in a pan on a low fire until melted. Mix into your bowl IMMEDIATELY and VIGOROUSLY since the gelatin will harden fast in a cold mix. Set in fridge for 15-20 minutes to let it harden a bit, stir again quite well to avoid chunks and spread mix over your first layer of apples. Spread the rest of the apples evenly over the mix. I place a maraschino cherry in the middle to finish. Place in fridge a bit longer and serve.

Now the recipe for the filling is entirely TOO good and TOO simple not to make this recipe work, but I probably won’t reprise it until I find a good way to make the crust.

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