The Cat’s Corner – Q&A


Well as promised, the first installment of the Q&A. I named it Cat’s Corner, for the older and sentimental folk around who remember this, much like my old column with weekly science tidbits om a small decade ago :p You guys were awesome, there wasn’t a huge response to the call for questions, but […]

Updates, updates and more updates ! But I need opinions ;)


Well, plenty of updates coming your way on this one, as it promises to be an exciting new time for M.A.S.S. and for myself. Hopefully most, if not all of this stuff can get some of you equally excited to keep following this project. For fun, for motivation or just for the sheer science and […]

The Biochemistry of Creatine

Ronnie Coleman

Breaking the silence! The first article on MASS written by yours truly, the webmaster (GetXXL): the Biochemistry of Creatine. This article discusses the biochemistry of creatine into great detail, enabling the reader to accurately reason about creatine and its usage among athletes.

Blog : The future of M.A.S.S.


Contest preparation updates, the latest research on betaine, updates and suggestions for the site and the psychology of body recomposition done right.

Blog : If it fits your macros, bro …


IIFYM. If it fits your macros. Fancy nutritional slang for “you know, whatever, bro”. When I hear it, it really sounds no different than every teenager on facebook putting stuff like YOLO under pictures of binge drinking and other lude behavior.

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